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"Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it."- Maya Angelou


Introduction to Family Life coaching

Introduction to AKA Family Coaching is a course to explore the see common themes that we repeat that stems from our childhood experience. Everyone has their own individual perspective of the world, where neither perspective is right or wrong.

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Smile if you love someone with Autism

This course is a starter pack for anyone who is caring for a child on the Autism spectrum. The course will help you to understand autism, understand the history of Autism and explore what current support is out there. This course is perfect for anyone who wants to develop their understanding of their child/ family members needs. By the end of the course, we hope to equip you with tools to help you to manage the challenges your child may face in their everyday life.

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Healthy Relationships

Relationships are perhaps the most important part of our lives, bringing meaning, comfort and happiness. When we reach the end of our lives and reminisce, it’s usually the connections we’ve formed with others that we remember and define ourselves with.

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What Our Coaching Clients Have to Say

I attended AKA Life Coaching launch / first event and i was touch by Michelle's resilience and her story i decided i had no excuse and i completed and past my teacher’s qualification. I also attended the mindful health event which got be thinking about how my body and mind are interconnected.
London, UK
My company allowed me to attend the sessions during the day as my manager felt it would be beneficial for my career and personal development. I suggest you ensure your company allows you to book a room within the organisation so that you can get the most from the sessions and they are not interrupted
From London.UK
I found the sessions really beneficial, we had weekly sessions and Michelle was really flexible. I would recommend the sessions to anyone. The sessions helped me a great deal to redefine my goals and my family relationships.

From London, UK
When i first started attending the sessions i didnt realise how stuck i felt. As a result of attending one of AKA Life Coaching’s sessions i decided to start looking into another career. A year later I have left a my career in early education and I am now a qualified NVQ3 Childcare assessor. The session helped me to believe in myself.
From London, UK