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Introduction to Family Life coaching

Course Description Introduction to  AKA Family Coaching is a course to explore  the see common themes that we repeat that stems from our childhood experience. Everyone has their own individual perspective of the world, where neither perspective is right or wrong. But Sometimes current or childhood experiences, beliefs and value’s can manifest into a restrictive view of …

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Healthy Relationships

Course Description Relationships are perhaps the most important part of our lives, bringing meaning, comfort and happiness. When we reach the end of our lives and reminisce, it’s usually the connections we’ve formed with others that we remember and define ourselves with. Good relationships are something we all strive for. They can provide love, support, …

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Smile if you love someone with Autism

Course Description This course provides a parents with a general introduction to autism looking at spectrum looking at the history of understanding autism and the latest research as well as the main characteristics and how we currently support Autism. This course is perfect for parents or family who wants to develop their understanding of autism. Key …

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